Paul (firekeeper86) wrote in infinity_youth,

My Devotional

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
--Proverbs 15:1
New International Version

Why is it so hard to endure an unjust or unfair criticism? Why do we always have to defend ourselves no matter how ridiculous the charge? Often the problems we have with others simply escalate because we do not choose to forgive and let them go on in the Lord!

Precious and Holy God, help me more carefully guard my speech from things you despise, especially gossip, slander, and innuendo. Thank you. Through Jesus' grace. Amen

I DON'T HATE YOU... no matter who you are that is reading this, know that I do not hate you. I do not care what was said in the past, either by me or by you, or even if you believe if it was true. Just know that I don't hate you. I've learned to not let how others view me to be to bother me.
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